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We believe that proper planning involves much more than just picking a few investments. We understand the various factors that go into a well-managed financial life and can help you navigate the key decisions in each of the following areas:

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With experience comes expertise

A lot of our work in recent years has been in three key areas:

fresh start

Life after divorce
We’ve helped clients in taking control of their financial lives following a relationship split. This involves developing a plan for how they can use the financial settlement to secure their financial future. The support and guidance we provide is particularly important for clients who may not have been actively involved in the couple’s finances.



Preparing for retirement
This work involves the decade leading up to retirement and then the transition into retirement. We define ‘retirement’ not as stopping work but instead it’s the point in life when you no longer have to work. We help clients determine how much they need to retire and establish a plan to achieve that target in the most tax-effective way.



Managing an inheritance
We’ve found that an inheritance can give our client the opportunity to substantially improve their long term financial position. Depending on the client’s goals, we can help them protect and grow their inheritance in a tax-effective way. This may involve the use of structures such as testamentary trusts or family trusts.


If you would like discuss how our team can help you achieve your goals, please contact us.