Believe in yourself

One of our advisers, Raquel Netto, was recently featured in the Financial Planning Association’s Money & Life Magazine.

It’s a great article highlighting Raquel’s achievements, including winning the Gwen Fletcher Memorial Award for being the highest achieving student in the Certified Financial Planner Certification unit. Raquel discusses the growing role of women in business, the importance of higher education standards in the financial planning profession, study advice, her personal work ethos and the demands of juggling a career, family and study.

Raquel approaches work, study and personal endeavours with the same enthusiasm and drive for excellence.

“My personal value system means that for any project or challenge I take on, I give it 100 per cent, because if I’m not going to give something my very best effort, then I shouldn’t be doing it.”

Drawing on her personal experiences, Raquel’s advice to others is that

“through hard work and by having a positive attitude, you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to. Always believe in yourself and trust your own judgement.”

The full article is available on the Money & Life website.

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